Sustainable Homes and Families (SH&F)

Impact Area: Poverty, Hunger, Health, Education, Gender Equality, Water and Sanitation, Energy, Economic Growth, Sustainable Cities, Consumption and Production, Climate action.

Sustainable Homes & Families (SH&F) is a comprehensive certification program designed by EEIC to help families reduce their carbon footprint and improve their overall well-being. This twelve-pillar program covers key areas such as job training and placement, access to food, clean energy, clean water, and wellness. The program aligns with 12 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), making it a holistic approach to sustainabilit.

Upon completion of the program, families become certified Eco System Service agents, enabling them to collaborate with EEIC to help other families achieve sustainability. Through a focus on awareness, alliances, action, and accountability, SH&F aims to empower families to achieve greatness.

At EEIC, we believe that 'Impact Requires Access™.' We are dedicated to working with the community and other stakeholders to improve the health, economics, and accountability of those we serve, one household at a time. Partners, collaborators, and volunteers can contribute to this mission by providing Ecosystem Services (ESs) through our projects, programs, and events.

Join us in our efforts to create a more sustainable future. Whether as a participant, partner, collaborator, or donor, your support is invaluable. Fill out the short form below to express your interest in our program and learn how you can get involved.