Who we are

Who is EEIC?

Eco Ed Impact Corp. is a Miami-based Charitable Organization advocating for environmental sustainability, human well-being, and education since 2016.

EEIC is caring for the environment (ECO) through experiences and education (ED), enhancing the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature (IMPACT).

EEIC is on a mission to build awareness, alliances, and action using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, we benchmark. We create projects, events, and programs that achieve second, individuals economic, social, and environmental justice for individuals and families. We help individuals, families, and communities secure their stake in a sustainable, bio-diverse, and resilient future.

A better symbiotic relationship between humans and the environment is a great starting point. Nature should not compromise human resilience, well-being, nor human irresponsibility to harm the environment.

Inclusivity is a catalyst for social, economic, and environmental justice. Equal access to information, resources, and accountability for all stakeholders is a requirement. EEIC will host both remote and in-person activities that promote good health and well-being, sustainable cities, zero hunger, and other SDGs. Our Social Impact Service Chain is a public-private partnership to be launched shortly. It will coordinate corporations, governments, non-profit organizations, and the community to solve problems without wasting valuable resources on redundancy.

EEIC's Mission

EEIC is on a mission to build awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and deliver projects, events, and programs that promote economic, social, and environmental justice. We will impact the individuals, families, and communities we serve by helping them secure a sustainable, bio-diverse, and resilient future.



Alexandra Hughes

Alexandra Hughes is the Founder and Impact Director for the Eco Ed Impact Corp. Ms. Hughes has over twenty years of teaching experience and numerous certifications in environmental and preparedness training.

Ms. Hughes began Eco Ed Hughes Foundation in 2017 after experiencing the impact of the natural environment on her students. She noticed an improvement in their academic and behavioral well-being through hands-on participation. Since starting the non-profit, Ms. Hughes has offered programming and events held at Highland Gardens Community Garden.

National Night Out, Planting Rootz with Lola at the Garden, storytime environmental awareness pop-up storytimes at Zikil Park in Hollywood, Florida.

As the Impact Director of the Eco Ed Impact Corporation, she focuses on advocating justice for individuals, families, and communities served by EEIC.

Eco Ed Hughes Foundation is now Eco Ed Impact Corp (EEIC). The founders finalized the change in 2020 to better EEIC’s holistic approach to facilitating social, economic, and environmental justice for families and building an action plan to fulfill the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through awareness, alliances, and action.


Thahawam Chaashab

Thahawam Chaashab Is co-founder and Operations Director for the Eco Ed Impact Corp. Mr. Chaashab has over 26 years of business experience as a serial entrepreneur and investor. His background is in real estate investment, business development, and ecotourism.

Thahawam Chaashab understands the importance of focus, leadership, and hard work. As Operations Direct for Eco Ed Impact Corp, he will ensure that its infrastructure is fully functional and compliant. He will also provide vision and strategy for the leadership and staff to fulfill the EEIC mission.