What We Do

Eco Ed Impact Corp advocates for social, economic, and environmental justice through awareness, alliances, and action. To get the most from the UN Sustainable Development Goals, local community organizations, NGOs and civil society organizations (CSOs) should first understand the SDGs, how it affects their organization and how it will affect the people they serve. Individuals within the community should learn how SDGs work and how best to resolve their needs and concerns. EEIC provides awareness, partnerships, and strategies to provide a win-win for organizations and the community by getting everyone involved in synergistic and mutual projects, events, and programs.


Eco Ed Impact Corp. will seek community activists, organizations, and resources to benefit communities targeted by the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. We will organize Community Conversation Circles and invite stakeholders to join the Social Impact Solutions Chain. The goal is to work directly with families and plug them into a network of providers to help them fulfill their Sustainable Development Goals.


We will utilize traditional and digital marketing campaigns to bring awareness to the Sustainable Development Goals. We will also use the same to build partnerships with stakeholders in various communities to strategically provide the information they need to develop synergy and make a social impact.


Through community-based partnerships, we will build a resource network to provide solutions to the community's needs. We plan to create and implement practical solutions to achieving both the SDGs and overall social justice.


EEIC will deliver programs, projects, and events that will increase awareness and action towards a more sustainable, diverse, and resilient future for all. We will also host SDG-specific group activities to scale the resources provided to impact, with measurable results, the communities we serve.


One of EEIC's goals is to build partnerships and alliances in communities and duplicate the most effective programs to other States. Building awareness and synergy with nonprofit, faith-based organizations, community advocates, and government stakeholders will help leverage solutions, make a measurable impact, and systematically and beneficially fulfill the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


EEIC will recognize individuals, families, and organizations who impact achieving their community goals. We will also provide individuals who sign up for the EEIC Sustainable Homes and Families program with certificates for completing 12 core SDGs with a score of 75% or more.