Economic justice is part of the UN SDG. Economic disparity is a nuance that has plagued marginalized communities for centuries. Even during the biblical times, it was written, “ye have the poor with you always, and whatsoever ye will ye may do them good."

Technological advances into smart devices, the Blockchain, and eCommerce have opened up many opportunities to help the poor. However, if the poor are unaware of how to access help, they are left out by default.

Regardless of race, demographics, or gender, everyone has the right to achieve positive economic benefits. Whether an individual resides in the United States, India, South America, Africa, or the Caribbean, access to the knowledge and resources to achieve financial success is a human right. Secondly, the right to enjoy a clean and stable environment, which are the "fruits of their labor," is accessible through economic circumstance improvement. Proposals such as the "U.S. Sustainable Development Goals" and "The Great Reset" speak on the future of inclusion and opportunities for all. We need to bridge opportunities with information so all races, demographics, and genders can bring their offerings to the marketplace and prosper. Seneca once said that "Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity.” EEIC is committed to creating a bridge; between the two.

EEIC will provide awareness, education, and projects to achieve the UN SDG’s; "No Poverty," "Decent Work & Economic Growth," and "Sustainable Cities & Communities." By bridging information and resources, marginalized communities will have the opportunity to participate in the future economy. We will offer remote and in-person workshops and presentations to highlight the economic diversity available to our participants. EEIC's Social Impact Supply Chain is a network of public and private partners, including financial institutions, nonprofits, government agencies, corporations, and other stakeholders, to achieve our goals. Connecting communities to the knowledge of opportunities will open several offerings and give economic and social justice. EEIC believes in the philosophy that "Access is wealth and poverty is a blockage," with the help of our community, government, and corporate partners, we will provide the wealth of knowledge to unblock the potential in others while achieving the goals set before us.