The more significant the biodiversity of species in an ecosystem, the stronger its resilience. The economic ecosystem and the earth’s natural ecosystem are similar in regards to strength through biodiversity. Differences in cultures and heritage help pool ideas, innovation and ultimately generate commerce within an economic ecosystem.

Countries, states, and organizations that wish to strengthen their economies benefit from encouraging diversity within their ecosystem. Giving humans the right to be heard, seen, and included will broaden perspectives and equity. The removal of biodiversity from a natural and economic ecosystem can shift its equilibrium and slowly kill. No one is the exclusive owner of the earth’s natural ecosystem, nor does anyone have the right to exclude others from participating in it.

EEIC believes that “Inclusivity is a catalyst for social, economic, and environmental change.” We want to maximize the awareness of individuals, families, and communities through participation in our projects, events, and programs that will secure their place in a sustainable, biodiverse, and resilient future.

Story time with Lola at the Garden. 2018 family event, Storyteller Suzzy Hammer

If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, let us allow them to LOVE the earth before we ask them to SAVE it.

- David Sobel