Human Well-Being

People are tired! They may be mentally exhausted from work, harmful content from their devices, physical tiredness from an imbalance in their lifestyle, lack of sleep, or poor nutrition. They may even just be spiritually tired from the fear of getting sick or displaced by financial hardship.

When it comes to impacting our ecosystem, human beings are at the top of the totem pole and represent one of the essential parts of biodiversity and the ecosystem. Our ability to govern ourselves and the direction of the world will affect how the world’s resources are extracted, produced, consumed, and discarded. We make and direct the most significant impact on the environment. Therefore, our stewardship of the world and how we manage our personal decisions regarding the environment will determine the future of biodiversity. To achieve the best possible outcome for us and our well-being, we must understand the root cause of imbalances and address everyone's specific needs. EEIC advocates for building up human beings to understand their value within the ecosystem and how to get the best experience out of life.

We are committed to understanding the diverse needs of others and create a custom plan for each to reach their full potential. Helping others understand themselves better, their value in society, and how they can participate in a wholesome way can help each person tap into the best version of themselves and improve their quality of life and SDGs SDGonment.

Eco Ed Impact Corp promotes healthy lifestyles, quality education, equality, decent work & economic growth, and sustainable cities & communities. We seek to increase the value of human well-being to better individuals, families, and communities. Participants in EEIC’s programs will learn how to grow food and learn the nutritional value of specific plants and herbs.

We encourage everyone to enroll in the EEIC Sustainable Home and Family program. The curriculum will help participants do their part in reducing the carbon footprint of their households. We want to assure those who enroll that their well-being is a priority.

Achieving community resiliency is an important part of building up our social and environmental intellect, Check out our founder, Alexandra Hughes workshop on Emergency Preparedness.

Grandparents day “Garden with Me” presentation and grow bag installation. EEIC donated, grow bags and plants. Presenters discussed origins and health benefits in a 60 min presentation to Head Start and VPK classrooms and their families